ckeditor.js error exportpdf-no-token-url in django

When I try to render CKEditor in html page, I always get the error : ckeditor.js:21 [CKEDITOR] Error code: exportpdf-no-token-url in the browser console and the data fails to submit

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The function of the  export to pdf CKEditor 4 plugin is to allow you to easily print the WYSIWYG editor content to a PDF file.

According to the plugin documentation, the error is occuring because the exportPdf_tokenUrl configuration variable for the CKEditor export to pdf plugin was not specified.

A quick fix when you know your're not going to use the export to pdf option in your editor is to diable it.

That can be done by adding this line of code to your CKEditor configuration settings in

'removePlugins': 'exportpdf',

For example, after adding the code above your CKEditor configuration should look like this depending on the other configuration settings you have added before;

    'default': {
        'skin': 'moono',
        'toolbar': 'basic',
        'height': 'full',
        'width': 'full',
        'removePlugins': 'exportpdf',

I hope this fixes your error.yes

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